Sunday, October 04, 2009


There is something so frustrating about having been in bed so long and slept so little, especially on the weekend. Mac-attack seems to have a bad case of reflux or something. He writhes in his sleep, clearly in pain, then he wakes up and projectile pukes. It happens less when he has the pacifier in his mouth, so I spend most of the night in a half-sleep, fumbling for the 'sucky', popping it back in his mouth. Wash, rinse, repeat. They say baby puke is less of a medical problem and more of a laundry problem, but I don't know....

PSYCH NURSE: How are you doing this week?
ME: I'm fine. Better than fine, actually. Pretty good.
PSYCH NURSE: That's good. Any thoughts of self-harm or harm to others?
ME: Not at all. But I do have one question.
PSYCH NURSE: What's that?
ME: Well, it's about my baby and his vomiting....
PSYCH NURSE: Oh right. I did ask Dr. Psych about that and he doesn't think it's the medication.
ME: Okay. But it's just that he's still vomiting. A lot. And it started when I started the medication. And it increased in correspondence with the increase in the medication.
ME: And it makes me very nauseous and it passes through breast milk...
ME: Ergo, it just seems logical that it might be my medication?
PSYCH NURSE: Nope. Dr. Psych says it's not.
ME: Alrighty then.

* * *
WORKING: (To Kiwi-the-cat) Hey, skinny! Isn't he getting skinny, now?
TREV: Yeah. Kiwi, why do you always have dried food on your nose? Better than dried shit, I guess. Isn't it weird how concerned he gets when Mac cries, now?
WORKING: Yeah. Did you see him last night? He leapt right off the bed to go see what you were doing to him.
TREV: And just when I was changing Mac on the change table, Kiwi was doing that standing-on-two-legs and reaching thing, trying to see what's going on. He's very concerned.
WORKING: Maybe Mac's cry has changed?
TREV: Or Kiwi's realized he's a person and not just some sort of bug.


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