Friday, October 30, 2009

La Maison

Trev had to perform an intervention this morning. Mac and I are out of sorts with each other. After 10 minutes of him puking all over me and screaming in my face, I handed him over to his dad, the other option being to throw him out into the snow (you know, just to cool off. I wouldn't have left him out there, people. Well, for long).

I think the problem is that he's only sleeping in two hour chunks at night, which means I'm also only sleeping in two hour chunks, and this during a week when school couldn't be heavier. Maybe he's picking up on my stress vibes? I dunno.

Thankfully Trevor had the week off, cuz otherwise he'd be coming home to a screaming child and a sobbing wife. As it is, he's rocking a balancing act that involves cooking, house cleaning, office management, dog walking, baby rocking and garbage hauling.

And there's a lot of garbage to haul. Did I mention my dad is gutting our basement? The house was sold with "a finished basement", which I guess technically it was, if illegal, leaking, moldy, and nowhere-close-to-code counts as "finished". Dad's taken it down to the concrete foundation. And therein lies the beauty; our house was built in 1946 and there are just a few small hairline-style cracks in on only one wall of the original foundation. It's reassurance of exactly why we bought it.

(By the way, Dad, I had a dream that I came down the stairs and you were taking a sledge hammer to the floor. "I just can't help it!" you said)

I don't know what we'd do without Dad. If it weren't for him, Trevor would be coming home to a screaming child, a sobbing wife AND a drafty, nicotine-stained pink living room. Can anyone say murder-suicide?

And there's no way we could have done any of this ourselves. Trevor and I almost divorced over the simple painting of our bedroom (I'm sure you didn't know it at the time, honey, but it's true, we almost did). In the last year, Dad's managed to plumb and install our washer/dryer off of the kitchen, re-insulate the living room and restore the original hardwood floors. He also redid all of the duct work in the house, re-shingled the addition, and, oh yeah, built and insulated a garage.

So I guess what this post proves is that I have some really handy men in my life. Yeah, I'm pretty damn lucky.

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Anonymous James ~ 1:51 PM

You come across sounding like Trevor didn't do anything! I know, you're tired.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 6:57 PM

Did you miss the paragraph where I say that Trevor is doing pretty much EVERYTHING around here? He's also helped significantly on all of the home reno projects. I just felt like I needed to give a shout out to my pops.  

Blogger Chris ~ 8:43 PM

If your dad does get that "I want to smash a basement floor look" in his eye, send him on down to our place -- we've got a basement bathroom floor just waiting to be sledgehammered to death!  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 1:17 AM

we should have a race to see who's "finished basement" actually gets re-finished first. I bet you totally win....sigh stupid work.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 8:36 AM

Thanks sweetie. I was just bored. I'm proud of you both. you work way harder than me. I could not raise childern anymore. thank god I'm old. pops  

Blogger Schmutzie ~ 11:56 AM

You are so lucky to have such handy people around to take up the reno slack while Mac goes through these first months. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  

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