Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Grace in a Husband

Sometimes it's hard to remember. It's hard to remember when we're so tired we don't even say goodnight. When Mac is screaming, the cat is puking and the dog is limping. When the lawn needs mowing, but the dishes are so stacked up and there's more pet hair than carpet and no time in the day so we get to chose our battle. When the car starts making that sound again. When we don't know if there'll be another gig and the bank account is dwindling.

At these times, it's hard to remember that moment eight years ago when our eyes locked across the room at a party and I felt that kind of electric shock that I thought was only a myth. Your eyes twinkled and danced and we held an entire conversation in just one glance.

It's hard to remember that a year later, I had to pinch myself because we were actually together. I sang it over and over in my mind, Trevor and Working, Working and Trevor! It's hard to remember the gut-wrenching pain I felt when we broke up for that one whole day. It's hard to remember that moment when time stopped and we looked deep into each other's eyes and for a second and an eternity, let the world fall away with two words each, "I do."

And yet, as I write this, it all comes back so easily. It's not hard to remember at all. I love you, my darling. Happy anniversary. Leftover stew for supper?

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Blogger Trevor ~ 10:41 AM

You're the greatest, baby. I love you like mad. Thank you for Mac, thank you for this, for our crazy, messy, noisy life. Happy Anniversary!  

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