Saturday, October 24, 2009


Trev and I don't watch sports, really. Good television shows are kind of our version of sports (we keep score with hits and misses, analyze scripts and dialogue, make bets about the characters, etc.). We've really resisted the pull towards the green 'n white mania that pervades this town.

If only we could say the same for our kid. Mac sure likes himself some football. We found out by accident one weekend in Saskatoon when he contentedly watched hours of it with Grandpa A.. I thought it was cute, but waved it off as pure coincidence. Later, when he was having a screaming fit, I took him into an electronics store and into the HD section where an NFL game was playing. He quieted immediately.

And right now he is watching the Rider game and actually talking, gurgling and cooing, at the TV. He loses interest during commercials, and then is riveted again during play. He actually yells when the crowd cheers. This happens every single time. I've tried other shows, he doesn't care. I've tried hockey, he doesn't care. He only wants to watch football. He doesn't want to be held or amused or fed or talked to, he just wants to watch the game.

It's so creepy.

* * *

TREV: Whenever someone's babysitting, they just have to plop him down in front of the game.
WORKING: No kidding. We should record it for them to play when he's fussy....
TREV: ...

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Blogger Risa ~ 5:49 PM

They should do studies on this... Gaia does the same thing... always has... my Dad things she likes all the colour... who knows? Whatever works!  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 10:52 AM

It makes me proud to have another fan in the clan. Brings a wee tear to my eye it does.

Go Mac
Go Riders

grandpa p  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 10:50 AM

Grandma and Grandpa A are pretty proud also......However we have to do something about Grandpa A and those Tiger Cats.....
Grandma A  

Blogger notquiteawake ~ 7:34 PM

He's a smart boy. Soon you both will be fans can never escape the Green and White!!!...he he he.....(that was supposed to be maniacal)  

Blogger Tyler ~ 11:07 AM

Your kid is obviously very smart. And it's probably better that he watches football with Grandpa than constantly demands to play Nintendo Wii, like mine.

You don't have to get him a jersey style onesie like we had but maybe consider getting the little guy a Rider T-shirt or something for game days. Or maybe Grandpa P or Grandma A already have one picked out for Xmas?

We're not SUPER fans in our house, but our kid has more Rider stuff than I do, and LOVES anything with a Rider logo on it, and knows that it means "Boo-ball?" (Football).

Just be thankful he didn't come out cheering for the Argos, what with the time you spent in TO.  

Blogger Trevor ~ 5:18 PM

Tyler - nobody in TO cheers for the Argos. If I had my choice, he'd cheer for Hamilton.  

Blogger Tyler ~ 10:58 AM

Hamilton?! For the love of Zeus, man!

First you shave your beard, and now this? It's like I don't even know you.  

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