Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Man, what a weird day. Trev worked the night shift and Mac's middle-of-the-night wake up corresponded with his arrival home, so the entire family got to hang out (to the sound of a screaming infant) at three in the morning. He didn't sleep well last night and he didn't nap much today. He was cranky, to put it mildly. He's also nursed me dry.

Being the supermom that I am, I assumed it was a growth spurt, this so-called "cluster feeding". It took me all day to figure out that his poor bottom is the colour of a severe sunburn. So he got naked nap time and accordingly, he slept two hours straight. Screw it; I don't care if he pees and poops through every receiving blanket in this house. Baby Naked Time will be measured in hours, not minutes, from now on.

In other news, Kiwi-the-cat continues to run into walls. The mysterious laceration on his flank is all stitched up (did I tell you about that? I'm so tired, I can't remember what goes here and what goes on Facebook) and accordingly, he's confined to The Cone. There is nothing quite as pathetic as a cat wearing a cone. He falls asleep standing up because he can't figure out how to lie down with it. But every time I take it off (for the cat equivalent of naked time?), he goes after the stitches. And not just licking like the dog does, it's full-on biting and tearing. The stitches, they offend him!

By the way, if you're considering pet ownership, come to me. I'll show you our vet bills this year.

And in yet other news, I organized my study schedule for the fall and all I can say is... if it goes like today went, I might be screwed. There is so much material to cover, so much to memorize, especially for Anatomy / Physiology, and my brain is not exactly functioning at maximum power. This might have been a really, really bad idea.

So if posting gets sporadic, you'll know why.

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Blogger Naomi ~ 8:00 AM

Dan was trying to think of a way we could all do some babysitting so you and I could get schoolwork done, but I don't want to dump 2 kids on you. Perhaps a rotation with another mom so two moms are together all the time? Failing that, just drop Mac off - Dan will be home most of the time :)  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 9:12 AM

Ha! I wouldn't do that to poor Dan. You know, I can't even hand him off right now because I can't catch up on expressing. He's eating everything. No reserves.

I hope it's just a matter of us getting used to this new schedule. I've also downloaded learning podcasts so that even when I'm nursing / rocking / changing diapers, I'm still shoving something into my brain.

Damn, he's awake. I didn't even crack my textbook.  

Blogger Naomi ~ 9:25 PM

3 month growth spurt? One can hope...  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 10:35 PM

cloth diapers really helped deal with rash with mine.  

Anonymous Tracey ~ 9:00 AM

When my boy nursed 24/7 during those growth-spurts (and even non-growth spurt periods) I downed a guiness or 2, or any dark beer Tyler had in the beer fridge. Worked well. Also sip lots of soup packed full of veggies and real meat broth.

Good luck through this phase - it gets better and better...really it does ;-)  

Anonymous angdesj ~ 4:23 PM

You looked beautiful today, should have told you that in person. Absolutely radiating with joy and love. It shines through tiredness. Good to meet Mac and next time I want to hold him, darn cold. He is gorgeous!!!! Trev, you looked fine too:)


Blogger Trevor ~ 5:40 PM

Ang, you keep talking like that and the whole fam damily will be at Crossfit daily!  

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