Friday, September 04, 2009

Overheard: Daddy Talk

"Look at that face! I just want to eat that face! I'm going to puree your cheeks, sautee them with chickpeas and garlic, then I'm going to eat them. I'll call the dish "Mackus". (pause) Actually, that name doesn't make it sound very good."

* * *

"Are you looking at my computer? That's my mac. Mac, meet mac. No relation.

* * *

"I hate your sockies! I can never find your sockies. They're like your mom's sockies, lost all over the place, strange and alone..."

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Blogger Trevor ~ 6:44 PM

I think I might be mentally ill.  

Blogger Tyler ~ 3:16 PM

No, you're just awesome. You had me at "toe job."  

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