Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Wow, what a ride! Whose idea was it to take full time classes, again? Oh right. My brilliant idea. I should have my head examined. Oh wait! I did! And I have the pills to prove it. Ha.

I finally feel like I might be finding a rhythm. Last week was the first week I really started to enjoy Mac, too. I don't know if it is the pills, or the consistent sleep, or just that I'm getting used to this whole motherhood thing, but I really am finally falling in love with my child. And it feels really good to say that. He's also found his rhythm, which right now includes quite a lot of sleep.

I'm also falling in love with my program, Nursing. I attended a weekend workshop up in Saskatoon and was pleasantly surprised to find that my classmates are intelligent, witty, mature and frankly, fun. The instructor is also a really great guy, a Psychiatric nurse by trade. Thinking that these could be my future colleagues makes me feel like I made a good decision, regardless of how challenging it's going to be to get there.

So, in the spirit of all good things, here is some grace in small things:

1. My in-laws, who met us in Saskatoon and spoiled their grandchild to bits.
2. Our new camera! Love-love-love it. Also thanks to the in-laws.
3. Good television is back. House, Dexter, Amazing Race, Dollhouse.
4. Crisp autumn air.
5. Clean sheets.

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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 1:08 AM

so glad you feel like you've found your place and are on the right path. Such a freeing feeling. Enjoy it, atleast until the twos and the teens. :)  

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