Sunday, September 06, 2009


This feels a bit over the top now, but it's not a bad representation of what a c-section felt like at the time (click for larger image):

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Anonymous angdesj ~ 8:57 PM

Nah, not over the top at all. No one other than those who experienced it, can imagine the absolute terror of having your hands tied down, someone cutting open your abdomen (that you have carefully looked after for some time) and literally ripping, tugging, heaving a baby out of of your body. Then thowing back in what ever bits fell out and sewing you back up to look after the blessed new life.

If you had a picture of a smashed pumpkin with its guts hanging out, I still would not have said it was over the top.

I type this with a very sore tailbone and a sense of "I dare someone to say its over the top, come on, I dare you."

Perhaps Paleo is having more of an effect on me.......:)  

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