Friday, September 04, 2009

Boob Update... Again

So apparently there is this other lactation expert in the city, this time an MD to boot. Let's call her Dr. Boob? She was good, I'd say maybe up there with Dr. Jack Newman kind of good, (though I've never met him). She wasn't going to see me until I mentioned vasospasms. Then I got right in.

The outcome: a high dose of Vitamin B6 to combat the probable Raynaud's Syndrome and, get this, an anti-convulsant to treat the nerve problem. I'm to be on Epilepsy medication. This is just getting plain weird.

And yet, I persist. If my labour and subsequent experiences have proven anything, it's that I'm a stubborn cuss. Hopefully that translates to Anatomy / Physiology courses, though right now I feel like giving up. I am on the verge of calling the school to quit.

But I probably won't. Not right now, anyway. Not until after I've had a nap.

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