Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Looking Up, Way Up

I think I'm almost ready to move on from this too often repeated topic. But just a brief update: The 90 Minute Baby Sleep Program seems to be the program for Mac and he's working it hard. There have been one or two rough days here and there, but for the most part he's pretty consistent. He averages five to six hour stretches of sleep at night, one to three hour naps during the day. And now that I am starting to understand his schedule and cues a little better, I've had a few opportunities to grab some sleep. I'm starting to know just by looking at him if he's going down for a long one.

I still don't get more than five hours at most, but any lack is usually my own fault. I have a hard time falling asleep, it seems. I just lay there and think, mind turning and churning. But I'm learning how to soothe myself, much like he is, and so it's coming along.

In other news, Dr. OB cleared me for a return to Crossfit! I can't tell you how this just improves things so much psychologically. I feel like today is a new day. My body craves exercise, the Crossfit vibe, and somehow I think things are just going to keep getting better.

**Knocking on wood, of course**

p.s. posting this directly after the last post makes me look positively manic (is that even the right word? I'm not sure it is). I swear these are just snapshots of what is really more of a gradual and sensible ebb and flow.

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