Sunday, August 30, 2009

GiST: Wedding Edition

In the last week alone, my sister Sonja moved into her new house, threw a dinner party for 20+ people, and got married (with all of the associated formal social functions). I am in awe. She handled everything so elegantly. Meanwhile, Trev and I were a mess. Total stress cases. The worst moment was when we, the MC's of the event, were running so horribly late and managed to go to the wrong hotel. Yes, I went to the wrong hotel for my own sister's wedding.

But never mind all that, it all worked out splendidly in the end, so let's talk Grace in Small Things:
1. Mac was a star. He saved any fussiness for home, or at least the drive home.
2. Sonja's beautiful dress and beautiful hair. So pretty.
3. My sister Mari's Toast to the Bride speech.
4. My dad's Welcome to the Family speech.
5. Sitting with fellow parents Chris and Brenda, Tim and Krista.
6. MC'ing with my husband, and the slide show he did so well.
7. Coming home with my little family, exhausted but happy.
8. Throwing a little Sunday breakfast for my relatives from Winnipeg.
9. Getting to spend lots of time with said relatives at the gift opening, and making plans for New Years.
10. Sitting in bed now, knowing that summer is coming to an end and tomorrow I start my newest adventure (Degree in Registered Nursing). It feels like autumn, which is my favorite time of year, and here I am going back to school. Never thought I'd do it again. I'm totally nervous.

Now, a little shout out to my beloved feline, Kiwi. My boy came home with a fairly significant laceration on his flank. He's currently stuck in basement in the dog crate with a cone on his head. He's miserable, and tomorrow we'll take him to the vet which will make him even more miserable, but hopefully also make him feel better in the long run.

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