Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dear Mac: One Month Old

Last night you slept for six hours straight. In another first (and possibly last), you also attended a stagette, Auntie Sonja's all-girls (except for you) 'hen party'. I'm sure you'll be disappointed to know you slept through every feminine shriek, and there were a lot of them, thanks to some risque (though beautiful) lingerie, dildos, lubes, not to mention the spectacularly realistic penis cake your mom made with Auntie Mari and Auntie Bronwyn. Let me just tell you that fondant is amazingly versatile.

When I got you home, fed, and changed, I tried to give you play time but you screamed bloody murder. In moderate frustration, I plunked you down in your cradle wide awake and... you fell asleep in less than 10 seconds. You must have been completely exhausted. You slept for six hours, woke up at 4 AM, fed, played with us for an hour, then went back to sleep and as of 9AM, you're still out. Your dad was heard to say, "did we break him?"

In other news:

- You continue your love affair with Lamp. Your grandpa speculates that you might become a retro lighting enthusiast working for the local lighting supply store. Your dad would prefer you aspired to being at least an on-set gaffer if that's the way it's going to go.

- You've started smiling. Big, open-mouthed, wobbly, crooked, gummy grins. I haven't captured it on the camera yet because it's sporadic and unpredictable, but it's sure nice to get something back.

- You play more. You lay on your mat and stare at the dangling toys. You roll to the side and stare at the stuffed PEI puppy Grandma and Grandpa Aikman bought you. Then you coo in the direction of the dog. Or the wall. Meanwhile, your hands wave around and your little legs kick up a storm and you usually get hiccups. Then you puke, take a loud, reverberating dump, and start to fuss, signaling you're ready for your next nap.

- You follow us with your eyes. Especially me. I wonder if you're imprinting me on your psyche. In which case, I wish I'd had my hair done sooner.

You're awake now, so I'm going to go get you. You can watch Goodfellas with Grandpa and Daddy. Thank you for all the sleep lately, son.



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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 9:49 AM

Love the progress updates..... Sounds like things are progressing in a positive way........ Can't wait to see our beautiful Mac again real soon.......
Love Grandma A.....  

Blogger Robin ~ 12:36 AM

I love this letter. I hope you'll show him one day. Except the part about the penis cake.  

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