Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Boob Update

After consulting the top two experts in the field, at least of those I can access, these are things I've heard in the last 24 hours:

- I have thrush.
- I don't have thrush.
- I should hold the baby's head and bring it onto the breast.
- I should never hold the baby's head and bring it onto the breast.
- I should use lanolin.
- I shouldn't use lanolin.
- I should try the football hold.
- The football hold doesn't work.
- I should let my nipples air dry.
- I shouldn't let my nipples air dry.
- Nipple shields are damaging and useless.
- Nipple shields could solve all my problems.

And so on.

Here's what I'm thinking: after almost three weeks of breastfeeding hell, a full course of every thrush treatment known to humankind, some pretty hefty research and many, many consulatations, here's the most likely diagnosis:

I no longer have thrush. Rather, I now suffer from latch-related vasospasm. The lactation consultant (yeah, Tyler, it's that Linda) who was over again last night finally took a long look in Mac's mouth and noticed a very high palate and a shorter tongue. Come to think of it, I've never seen my little guy stick his tongue beyond his gums. Accordingly, we are trying to retrain his latch using a nipple shield, and I'm also going to have him checked for tongue-tie.

I am simply running out of any other explanations, and so is everyone else.

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Blogger Momma Pants ~ 1:24 PM

This comment has been removed by the author.  

Blogger Momma Pants ~ 1:25 PM

Good luck with the shield. I considered framing mine when I was finished with it to honour its months of service.  

Blogger Tyler ~ 4:28 PM

My first WFHT shout-out! Nice!

Regarding the topic at hand, after watching my wife go through some of the same issues you're going through now (maybe not quite as severe, though) plus being stricken with Bell's Palsy on one side of her face for the first six weeks of our kid's life (real fun when everyone wants to take pictures), it's become clear to me why women are the ones that were called upon to do this stuff:

Men couldn't handle it and the species would die off.  

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