Friday, July 03, 2009

Week 39

Week 39 is about being pulled downwards to the earth. Everything in my body stoops and drags with gravity. My back valiantly arches to offset the load in front, but it's got about 15 minutes of patience left in it.

Week 39 is also about eyes widening when my reply to, "when are you due?" is "in about 5 days". Lots of people glance down quickly as though my water might break on the spot.

It's also the point when you get a certain look from other women, even old ladies, as they watch me waddle and struggle and sweat. I can tell I'm sparking memories for them.

Child, the lease is almost up. Start making arrangements.

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Blogger Risa ~ 12:28 PM

I think about you every morning... wondering if the baby has been evicted yet. You've already made it 5 days longer then I lasted with G! Good luck! Can't wait to hear the news...  

Anonymous angdesj ~ 2:28 AM

I envy your beauty and your determination, your child is lucky to be in your amazing are a lovely person and have a lovely husband.....only good things will grow and florish:)  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 8:36 AM

Aw, thanks Ang! Means something coming from someone who's done this, what, twice?  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 8:37 AM

Risa, my child promises to be very stubborn. I'm betting I don't have any big news for at least a week.  

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