Monday, July 27, 2009


This is a really cute video. Unfortunately, the song is one I had on my Labor Playlist. Over the 50+ hours, I heard it a lot as I tried to dance my baby down.

I'm sure the makers couldn't possibly anticipate that their fun little wedding video would reduce this newly c-sectioned mother to a snotty, wailing mess. Sigh. Hormones, y'think?

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Blogger Tyler ~ 4:11 PM

Songs like this will soon be evicted from the back of your brain, replaced by the Mickey Mouse Hot Dog song, Thomas the Tank Engine's theme and "We're your backyard friends, the Backyardigans..."  

Anonymous M ~ 6:07 PM

Oh, pleease, pleeeese, please can we do this for your wedding, S? Pretty Pleeeeeease?!?!?  

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