Wednesday, July 22, 2009

La Boob

So there's a breastfeeding guru in town. Risa and Naomi refer to her in the comments of my last post, and she also comes highly recommended by my Doula.

Today I found myself on the brink of giving up. Desperate and crying, I called Lactation Linda. It turns out she lives two blocks away from my house and she was here in 20 minutes. The bad news is I have thrush. The good news is that I survived our first mommy-baby outing to the doctor's (accompanied by my mother-in-law cuz I'm not THAT crazy) and now have some powerful creams that should help. That, and I now have a new approach to The Boob.

It remains to be seen if Linda is the miracle worker they all say she is, but let's just say that I just had a feeding that did not result in me kicking over the coffee table. I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 9:57 PM

so it WAS thrush... well good thing you are moving in the right direction..hope it gets better soon- call if you need anything

Blogger Tyler ~ 11:50 PM

Linda's last name is perfect for the line of work she's in, if it's the same Linda we saw (and I think it must be).  

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