Saturday, July 11, 2009

Grace in Small Things: Due Date + 3

1. Well, at least I've had time to clean the house.
2. And shop. My uncle hinted that he wants his appliances back so the year-long free ride is over. We actually found a good deal on a washer / dryer combo.
3. The baseboards are going on! The baseboards are going on! We are ONE DAY AWAY from returning our furniture to the front third of our house. And it's beee-utiful.
4. Overhearing my aunt's boyfriend, himself a home builder, say, "that's a really good tile job," in regards to our front entrance. My dad wasn't in ear shot, so it wasn't an empty compliment, either. My dad really is top notch at this kind of stuff and I get so proud.
5. Freshly mopped floors.

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