Sunday, July 19, 2009

GiST: Delivery

1. The 'nice nurse' from 30 hours earlier bending over me in full gown, "do you remember me?"
"I recognized your earrings," I said.
2. The nurses teasing the doctors and laughing at the chaos of the new OR. Dr. Baby Doctor and Dr. OB chit chatting happily over my belly.
3. Trevor stroking my hair, then off to the side watching our baby being suctioned. "DON'T LEAVE HIM," I said, but from the look on his face, I could tell I didn't even have to say it.
4. Holding Mac for the first time in Recovery. The feeling of his naked little body against me, the voracity with which he latched on to me (and, by the way, never looked back).
5. Later, in the Mother Baby Unit, the Guinness that Trevor snuck to me in a McDonald's cup. Best. Beer. Ever.

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