Friday, July 10, 2009

Due Date + 2

REFLEXOLOGIST: Hey, Working. Just calling to see how you're doing.
REFLEXOLOGIST: I have you down for a treatment tomorrow?
WORKING: Looks like I'll make it. In fact, maybe you could work that spot that makes babies be born?
REFLEXOLOGIST: We could.... When is your due date again?
WORKING: It was two days ago.
REFLEXOLOGIST: Oh sure, then. We could make that baby come on Sunday.
WORKING: That's actually the day Trev and I picked. It works for us. Saturday's kind of busy.
REFLEXOLOGIST: Perfect. You know, I have an opening today....
WORKING: Let's see. Treatment today, go into labour late Saturday, birth on Sunday... yeah, that works. Plus, my sciatic was screaming all night. I could use it.
RREFLEXOLOGIST: See you in a couple hours, then.

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