Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What's The Point, Anyway?

A friend of mine is thinking about not blogging anymore, which is a shame because she's good at it and it's my only connection to her since she moved away. She wrote something controversial and in the blogging world, that sometimes has consequences.

I've thought a lot about what it means to put oneself out there so publicly. You absolutely do run the risk of judgment. However, you also open yourself up to being openly disagreed with and discussion is never a bad thing. Even if the disagreement is among friends. That's how we all work things out.

So why don't I write about anything remotely controversial here? This whole blog is just a completely self-absorbed collection of entries that don't even have a very strong narrative. It's not like I lack for opinions, God knows, so what's my problem? Maybe I just don't have the guts my friends do.

But I guess I'm also using this blog more as a memoir than anything else. There is no other record of my life. The other day I went back to read some posts from 2006 and a thousand memories came flooding back and Trevor and I had a good laugh. That's enough for me right now. And if my kid ever wants to know what our life was pre-parenthood, it's all here (and child, it's true, we were never cool and we've always bickered, despite what we're probably telling you now).

Meanwhile, I've disturbed the peace on Facebook plenty. Most recently it was over cat food. You just never know what'll set people off.

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