Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grace in Small Things

I am in a miserable place today. The baby must have dropped more, causing a spike in the whole sciatic / groin / whatever-the-hell-this-is and I found myself stuck on my knees, unable to move so much as an inch until Trevor came home half an hour later to rescue me. It was miserable and pathetic, the lowest point so far.

So in that spirit, here is my GiST today, muttered through gritted teeth, but I swear I mean it nevertheless:

1. The long line of cedar fencing that now borders our yard. Almost done!
2. Trevor and I using our improving marital negotiation skillz to pick out paint colours and tile for the living room.
3. A new car seat, a gift from the in-laws! Thank you!
4. A husband who will literally pick me up off the floor and dry my tears.
5. And my Reflexologist who just called. He can see me in 40 minutes. Praise be to Mary and Jesus and Jesus' extended family and all of Jesus' friends (apparently I experience Catholic relapse at times like this).

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