Tuesday, June 23, 2009

38 Weeks Cont....

WORKING: Hi Dr. Baby Doctor.
BABY DOCTOR: Hi. I saw you look at me funny when I walked in.
WORKING: Yeah, you look, um, exhausted.
BABY DOCTOR: I got an hour's sleep last night.
BABY DOCTOR: So you'll need to redirect me if I get lost.
WORKING: Will do. First thing: how are my blood platelets?
BABY DOCTOR: (looks) They're up to 130. So that's good.
WORKING: Yes! I totally found a correlation between platelets and B12 and I'm back to hammering the B12's. So there you go.
BABY DOCTOR: Well, I doubt it. But if you want to believe that...
WORKING: I do want to believe that.
BABY DOCTOR: Then go ahead. Okay, lie down. (various measurements taken)
WORKING: So... has the baby grown?
WORKING: Is it measuring 38?
BABY DOCTOR: It's measuring 40.
BABY DOCTOR: You have a bigger than average baby. Here, let me feel it and I'll take a guess... yeah, I'd say you're already over 7 lbs. and you have a ways to go.
BABY DOCTOR: Well, it could just be a long baby.
WORKING: We're not tall people.
BABY DOCTOR: Then it's probably just big.
BABY DOCTOR: It will be what it will be.
WORKING: So it will. Still... ouch.

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OpenID shatnerian ~ 12:28 PM

Our guy is big as well. I think our generation is breeding bigger and stronger children in preparation for the coming Robot Wars of 2031.  

Blogger Momma Pants ~ 1:32 PM

At 38 weeks, said baby doctor guessed Norah was 8 pounds and she came out two weeks later at 9-- at 1/2 lb per week average growth, he was right on.

So, he's probably right, but no worries. Based on my own experiences, I'm sure there's a direct correlation between the size of your baby and its awesomeness. Congratulations, you are going to give birth to a super awesome baby.  

Blogger Naomi ~ 7:35 AM

Your dad's tall; maybe your baby is a throwback.

Please solve the mystery of how the doctor survives on so little sleep. Amphetamines?  

Blogger Schmutzie ~ 12:01 PM

If it helps, babies are bigger now at birth than they were like fifty years ago.  

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