Tuesday, June 16, 2009

37 Weeks

At least according to Google Images, at 37 weeks pregnant I'm supposed to have a picture taken of me and my belly posing in front of an immaculately arranged crib and change table set.

Hmm. Here are my current photo options:
  • pointing to the garbage bag of baby stuff I've set aside until I think of somewhere to put it.
  • modeling the only two outfits I now fit, neither of which are very flattering (in fact, I think I've worn out the crotch of my stretchy pants to the point of indecency, not that I can get a good look anymore).
  • hoisting the cradle towards the camera because I haven't found the little missing piece that holds it into the frame.
  • embracing the love of my life. I mean the body pillow (and it's an unstable relationship at best these days).
  • and if you really want an accurate portrayal of these last few weeks, shoveling my face full of food.
All whilst lovingly cradling my belly, of course.

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Blogger Hildy ~ 1:57 PM

Just pretty please don't do this:

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 4:53 PM

Too late.

Just kidding.  

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