Thursday, June 11, 2009

36 Weeks

Things I have now experienced thanks to late pregnancy:
1. Restless leg syndrome. Legs, moving, moving, moving, twisting, turning, jumping, never stopping, and you're definitely not sleeping and neither is anyone else in the bed. Grandma, I'm sorry, I will take you more seriously from now on, and now I get why you need drugs.
2. Heartburn. Last night I work up with a start because I thought I was about to puke battery acid. This after a hearty snack of... popcorn? Seriously? Anyway, condolences to all of you who suffer from chronic heartburn. It sucks.
3. Sciatica. Thanks to various sports of my past, it's not so new. But it's a touch more severe now and I have trouble doing housework because it flames up. Sorry, I don't do bathtubs anymore.
4. Groin Pull. It's actually just a pinched nerve, thanks to the baby's low position, and it frickin' hurts all the time and I can't roll over in bed or get my pants on without sitting down and deep breathing and making unladylike grunting noises and it's been like this for five months and it's the one thing that makes me done with this whole pregnancy thing.
5. Alien. Why, I do believe this thing is actually trying to explode from my stomach. I apologize in advance for any mess.

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