Wednesday, May 20, 2009


- Truck robbery is surprisingly anticlimactic; the cops tow the vehicle, impound it, then don't return your call so that you end up having to go buy a $50 replacement charger for your cell phone. They won't even tell you if your brother's expensive drill set is still behind the seat. At least, that's how it's rolled out for my dad.

- Baby is 33 weeks today. It's moving a lot. Could be a growth spurt, but I also suspect it's thanks to an increase in my thyroid medication. I can always tell when I'm low - my naps go three hours long and my hair starts breaking off. Luckily the baby doctor believed me; "We wanna be careful. That stuff can really affect brain development in the baby," he says. Great. Pregnancy, the never ending minefield.

- Speaking of the baby doctor, "Is it okay that I front-squatted 105 lbs. yesterday?" I asked. He laughed at me, then reassured me that there's no way I can squish my baby by weightlifting. I was seriously worried! Every squat, I pictured my baby's face all scrunched up against the side of my uterus, it's fingers crammed into its eyeball....
"Just please don't try to go for personal records," he added. I agree, of course, but it's really, really hard not to get a little over enthusiastic at CrossFit. Luckily pregnancy comes with all sorts of warning mechanisms, namely a cute little sensation called "round ligament pain". Trust me, there's no pushing through that.

- Trevor and I are tackling the Gross Pink Living Room this week! Yay! We haven't entertained much in the last year because we HATE this room. Could be the colour, a kind of a pepto-bismal meets nicotine. Or, could be the beige carpeting (which at least hides the nicotine). We haven't managed to slap so much as a coat of paint on it simply because of the sheer amount of associated work. It has a cracked ceiling that must be fixed first, which unfortunately also happens to be popcorn in style, a.k.a. 'stipple', and if you know your home renno history, any stipple from the 40s to the 80s is almost guaranteed to have asbestos. The room also has a layer of retro, but also likely asbestos-laden, vinyl tile glued to the original hardwood. Glued right onto the hardwood. (shakes head)

So, that's about it. Pleasantly busy, dotting the i's and crossing the t's on baby development, and trying not to breathe in asbestos. Life, overall, is good.

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