Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Parental Discussions

Working: Guess how much weight I've gained?
Dad: How much?
Working: Zero! Zero pounds since my last check-up! Five lbs. overall. But the baby is measuring perfectly healthy.
Dad: That's good.
Working: Yeah, I like to think maybe it's CrossFit--
Dad: And of course, you were pretty... before...
Working: Pretty what?
Dad: Well...
Trevor: Uh oh.
Working: What are you saying, exactly?
Dad: I'm just saying you were healthy before. A healthy weight. So you might not notice a big difference. That's all I'm saying.
Working: You just called your own daughter fat!
Dad: Oh whatever. Besides, it's in your genes.
Working: What jeans?
Dad: Your mom only ever gained 10, 15 lbs. at most during her pregnancies.
Working: The point is, I like to think that I'm maintaining a good weight while the baby is growing.
Dad: And that's the point. Besides, you'll lose a lot when you breast feed.

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Blogger James ~ 8:59 PM

It reads like a sitcom script!  

Blogger Tyler ~ 9:16 AM

Hilarious. I know some women who would have responded to that situation in a far more violent way than simply blogging about it.  

Blogger notquiteawake ~ 10:00 AM

That was great. Your dad is about as tactful as my dad. Keeeep backing up....  

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