Thursday, May 14, 2009

Marital Conversations

WORKING: Why is your Yoda figurine like that on the shelf?
TREVOR: Like what?
WORKING: Why is he all wedged into the corner like that? Like he’s on a time out? Hiding behind a picture frame?
TREVOR: You know why I did that? It’s kind of childish.
TREVOR: So a certain young nephew of ours doesn’t see it and want to take it home.
WORKING: (eye roll) You could just tell him 'no'.
TREVOR: You don’t know kids. They latch on.
WORKING: That’s just sad, Trevor.
TREVOR: Hey, it’s my Yoda.

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Blogger Tyler ~ 4:18 PM

I'm totally siding with Trevor on this one. Kids always want what they shouldn't have, and are often immune to logic and reason, especially when they are being told "You can't have/do/play with/set fire to/eat that."

That's why it's sometimes better to avoid the argument. Trevor is showing good parenting instincts already and should be commended.

BTW: I have a dog named Yoda.  

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