Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marital Conversations: Dog Park

WORKING: Oh, there she goes. Got a baggy?
TREVOR: Yup. Why does she have to go so far away? By the time I get there, I lose it.
WORKING: That's why you have to pick a landmark to navigate. Like a tuft of grass.
TREVOR: Be better if there was a tree anywhere in sight in this province....
WORKING: What kind of prairie poop tracker are you that you can't navigate by grass?
TREVOR: Speaking of which, did you see where she went?
WORKING: Oops, I got distracted.
TREVOR: See? I lose it every time.
WORKING: I thought it was over here.
TREVOR: Here it is!
WORKING: That's not it.
TREVOR: It looks pretty fresh...
WORKING: Nope, not hers. That's a kibble poop. High quality kibble, but kibble nonetheless. But you can pick it up since we can't find hers. That way you're even.
TREVOR: Ew, it's cold. Definitely not fresh. Wait, even?
WORKING: Yeah. That's what I do. If I lose a poop, I pick up the next one I see. Good poop karma.
TREVOR: This is gross. But at least I'm ahead in karma points.
WORKING: No, you're just even.
TREVOR: Oh right. Cuz I didn't find hers.
WORKING: Exactly.

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Blogger Tyler ~ 4:57 PM

Poop karma. I believe you explained the concept in the course of a comment on my blog, but it's good to see it more fully illustrated.

Also, Trevor-related blog posts = quality.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 5:50 PM

I feel the same way about Tracy's contributions to your blog, Tyler. -- Working  

Anonymous angdesj ~ 9:13 PM

So to even things out, I should go pick up some kids poop from somewhere??? I think I may just have to accept the bad kharma on that one or I will get arrested:)


Anonymous Anonymous ~ 9:55 PM

angdesj... did you lose your kids' poop? Because that's the only reason you'd have any karma to make up for. Man, I am totally curious... -- Working  

Anonymous angdesj ~ 7:03 AM

See below blog entry from THNTS:

My kid had to go potty the other day and with no bathrooms in the vicinity (couldn't safely leave the other child who was playing t-ball at the time) I convinced her to go outside....most little girls would take issue with this. I was pretty proud of my negotiating techniques and avoided a public war with her. We went behind an ice shack for privacy....I was not prepared.....she took a crap.....meh, it was bath night.

....and then I referred to it in his dog shit edition, lol. Just glad no one yelled at me for not picking up the poop.

I am a blog whore.  

Blogger Schmutzie ~ 8:27 AM

I was told that I need to write more poop posts. I'm glad someone's keeping up with them!  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 8:42 AM

That's too funny, Ang. -- Working  

Blogger Sam's Mom ~ 5:44 PM

I laughed out loud while reading this one... it's exactly the same for us. We also pick up other dog's poo... it all works out somehow:)  

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