Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm feeling a little out of sorts today. Asbestos in our ceiling. Mold in our front entrance. Our water test came back and it showed the lead content in our water is higher than it should be. Combined with my thyroid, I'm all sorts of worried about what I've done to this child's brain. Hopefully irrationally so.

Then today at Crossfit, I fell off a box doing pull-ups. Stupid move; it wasn't high, only a foot off the ground. I just missed my step off and hit the floor kind of hard. I didn't land anywhere near my stomach, so aside from bruised knees and a twisted ankle, it was no more than a cautionary scare.

But it upset me. I feel under siege, right now. I don't want to be this person, so scared of my little world. That's no way to live. You know what? I'm going to go have a warm bath and a Dilly bar. Just cuz.

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Anonymous angdesj ~ 9:44 PM

A couple of things:

Everything you have exposed baby to in your home is what baby gets exposed to everyday when you are out of your home.

If you have seen what the "people" I have encountered and how they treat themselves when they are pregnant you would feel like a saint. Some moms drink AND snort coke and maintain healthy pregnancies You are fine.

I shovelled the side walk and rammed the end of my shovel into my gut HARD, I jumped onto, sorry, I tried to jump on the counter and fell on the kitchen floor, I attempted to jump on my bed and did a belly (baby) flop. etc.ect.ect.

You are fine and the small fall is nothing compared to what happens to baby during childbirth, how is that for reassurment, lol.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 9:53 PM

Actually, that is reassuring. I tend to over think things. My sister works with the same people you do, from a slightly different angle, and I was just thinking about those mothers. I have it pretty good. --Working  

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