Monday, May 04, 2009

How To Make Monday Happen

This is a really dangerous part of the day. I have a list of things to do:
- dog walk
- dishes
- grocery shopping
- pile of baby clothes that needs sorting
- slow cooker for supper
- return library books
- finally crack a frickin' Anatomy textbook (you're going to be screwed come September if you don't!)

But then there's this sleepy, hazy feeling, "what-if-I-just-lay-down-for-a-minute?". I gave into this feeling many times during my unemployed days in Toronto, entire weeks wasted on TV and naps. You might think it sounds posh, "I wish." But it actually didn't feel good at the time. Rather, I think it paved the way to depression and not the other way around. I come from worker folk; my biology dictates I accomplish.*

But, ooooh, that other side of me... beckoning... eyes grow heavy....

When the battle gets this bad, I've learned the best thing to do is get my ass in gear and move. So I'm printing out the shopping list and gathering up the library books. I'll leave the dog for now because I know she will remind me that she has to be walked. So I'll save her for the worst part of the day, the post-lunch crash when, instead of napping, I'll be dragging my ass to the dog park.

Then, my reward: a nice little post-walk nap. Cuz, really, you gotta have rewards.

* just a pregnancy-related observation: I've noticed it's become essential to go to bed absolutely dog-tired. It's so bloody uncomfortable that if I'm the least bit restless, it turns into freakin' hell.

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