Saturday, May 23, 2009


I'm shoveling food into my mouth these days, so much so that I gained a full kilo in two weeks. But I wouldn't call all that a craving, per say. Just insatiable eating. Instead, my cravings have gone mineral. I caught a whiff of wet gyprock the other day and I can't stop thinking about it. I close my eyes and I picture cement. I just want desperately to consume it. Cement chunks moistened by rain. Mouthfuls of it. Just suck all of that mineral, chalky goodness out of it and go for seconds. I've had to stop myself several times from actually doing this.


p.s. I've read about how this can happen during pregnancy and I promise I'll be more diligent about taking my pregnancy minerals and vitamins.


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Anonymous angdesj ~ 12:11 AM

try eating red meat...not sure if you do or if it gives you heart burn. I also have a thyroid issue and it had to be increased while pregnant. It has since been increased steadily since having babies. Not sure if you want to know my progress so if you respond I will tell you my weight and babie(s) weight while having an underactive thyroid:) I feel strangely creepy writing as I have been reading for some time.


Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 8:26 AM

Hi Ang! Yes, please do tell. I'd appreciate it. --W.  

Blogger Momma Pants ~ 9:04 AM

Have you tried chewing ice? That was as mineral as my cravings got-- good old hard Regina water...  

Anonymous angdesj ~ 10:17 AM

Ok here goes.

I gained 60 lbs with 1st pregnancy and baby weighed 9lbs12oz. Had a c-section becasue she wouldn't come out, too big.(imagine that)

Second pregnancy I gained 60lbs, but never lost about 10 from the first pregnancy. Baby was 8lbs8oz, but had to come out 10 days early as she was on her way to be another monster like the first one. Had a planned c-section due to the above.

My thyroid meds was increased during pregnancy and has steadily risen over the years. I found out in at 20years old of my thyroid after many different diagnosis.

Babies both checked a day after born for thyroid function....they prick the bottom of the foot and take blood. The nurse commented that I was the only mother that didn't get upset when this happens because they cry something awful. Trust me I thought, I am going to be their mother, they will be more scared of that then the little prick on their foot, lol. And I would rather know they need something then find out later that their brain didn't develop properly or whatever.

I also retained a horrible amount of water through both pregancies and still continue to suffer from it.....possibly related the thyroid function, fluctuating horomones, going off birth control and with the 2nd pregnancy I thought I was crazy, I cried and got mad etc, etc. Again maybe related to the above.

Anyway, keep on top of getting your thyroid checked because a certain amount of tiredness and irritabilty is expected, but if your body is out of wack you need to take care of it, you and everyone around you will apprciate it, lol.

Oh and totally impressed you have remained so active during your pregancy. It makes me want a do over. I was a sloth during both pregancies, shameful really. I attribute most of the weight gain from that, although my Dr. (had to see a specialist ) said I really had no control over the amount of weight I gained and with the second pregnacy I made a real effort to eat for one! So who knows.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 5:31 PM

Wow, you had you some BIG babies, angdesj! I'm really hoping the whole thyroid thing works out. I guess that means they'll prick my baby's foot, too. -- Working  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 5:31 PM

Momma Pants, there is something delicious about Regina water ice cubes... -- Working  

Blogger Schmutzie ~ 1:18 PM

I know a woman who carried a brick in her purse so that she could touch it in order to deal with her craving to eat it.  

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