Thursday, April 02, 2009

Grace in Small Things

It's probably obvious to anyone that we love our pets. You just need to see our monthly pet food bill. Yeah, yeah, I know: "just you wait. When Baby comes, there'll be some serious demotions!"

Fine, you're all right. Of course they'll fall on the priority list! Everyone will. I'm expecting a lot of screaming and crying, especially for the first few months, not to mention what the baby might do. So Charlie and Kiwi will definitely feel ignored.

I know my animals; they won't whine or meow or chew and scratch things up. They'll simply lie around looking ignored, which is one of the most miserable vibes you ever witnessed. So, in honour of neglect to come, here is a tribute, possibly the last, to my beloved animals:

1. One of the last pictures of Charlie in our backyard in Toronto. She loved that yard. It was so green and lush. Even the parts she killed with her pee came back pretty quickly.

2. One of Charlie's last swims in Lake Ontario. I really love the memory of our mornings at the beach. Just her, me, a travel mug of good coffee and, of course, Red Ball (not pictured).

3. New life back in Regina! With a nephew!
3. And new-to-us furniture! Make yourself at home, Charlie. No really. I insist.
4. And this was taken just this morning, five months after her knee surgery. The knee came back, the hair never did. It's not even where the surgery was; it's where painkiller was administered. And it's the reason for her new nickname, "Australia."
5. Last, but not least, my beloved Kiwi. He's 8 years old now, which just blows my mind. My boy has seen me through relationships, marriage, and now pregnancy and God knows what to come. Always with the same mellow-but-inquisitive disposition, which is captured perfectly here:

This is my view almost every morning. This is why I have animals; I always have someone to talk to.

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Blogger Trevor ~ 2:21 PM

I look like I have no bottom teeth in that picture. Where's my banjo?  

Blogger James ~ 3:35 PM

It's true, Trevor looks like he has the dental work of a long-time homeless person.

The cat picture made me laugh.  

Blogger mr.ular ~ 10:12 PM

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