Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GiST, Plus The What, Who, When...

... but not the why.

So as I hinted to in my last post, my young nephew's mom has been incredibly sick. Medical doctors scratching their heads kind of sick. Heart stopping, massive blood clots, coma, brain tumor.... Weird things that aren't supposed happen to 20-something year old's.

The saddest part is that during the ordeal, she lost her baby. My nephew's much anticipated little half-sister. Her family is obviously in mourning, but has also understandably shifted their focus to just hoping the mom pulls through.

Thankfully there are some positive signs this week. She's woken a bit from the coma and appeared responsive. All anyone can do is watch and wait and, of course, hope like hell. Plus, try their best to handle the thoughts and feelings of a vulnerable four year-old.

Now, I've been complaining a lot about this pregnancy. Particularly the pelvic area, which had me mostly bed ridden all weekend and which continues to hinder a lot of activity. Obviously I've had a bit of an epiphany this week. The "shut up and put up" kind. You can't watch a mother lose her baby and not feel some significant shift in attitude.

So in that spirit, here are the good things about this pregnancy:
1. We had no trouble conceiving. It was, um, too easy. One might say unexpectedly easy.
2. I've been able to remain physically active.
3. No stretch marks! Yet.
4. Very healthy numbers when it comes to everything else. Weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, measurements, thyroid levels, you name it.
5. An active little baby who reminds me daily that he or she is thriving.
6. And, most importantly, I chose the right guy to be the daddy. And he chose me right back.

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