Sunday, March 15, 2009

Working From Home Again

It’s Sunday, full of Sunday-type activities. Namely, cleaning the house. We paused for a little lunch and I crashed for a half hour on the couch. When I woke up, the house was empty. Trev had gone to take the dog to the dog park and it suddenly hit me: tomorrow is the first official day of my unemployment. I will be this alone every day for who knows how many weeks.


I’ve been here before. I mean, I wasn’t unemployed those entire four years in Toronto, but I did work from home (hence the name of this blog). And even though we’ve moved two provinces and bought a house, I suddenly realized that being home alone again will have a very familiar soundtrack: Silence. Everything moving in super-slow speed. Depression.

Luckily, I’m coming at it with some skills this time:

1. Get up when Trevor gets up. Get dressed, too., from head-to-toe. Teeth brushed, hair fixed, face washed.
2. Have a to-do list. What do you intend to accomplish today?
3. Get active. Dog + iPod = walk. This must be first on the list because it wakes you up and gives you a shot of sanity-saving endorphins.
4. Morning is for brain activity. Look for work. Study Tarot. Write emails, blogs. Work on creative fiction. Keep surfing to a minimal.
5. Take a coffee break and do some little, active chore, like start the slow cooker.
6. Take a lunch break with a 20-minute nap, tops. I may extend this to 30 minutes with the pregnancy, but generally keep nap marathons to the weekend.
7. Touch base with at least one live person every day. This should be easier now since I actually know people here. I fully intend to have afternoon coffee dates.
8. Use majority of afternoon for active chores (this helps prevent said marathon napping). Clean at least one room of the house. Tidy a clutter area. Do any required running around, shopping, pop by the Library. That sort of thing.
9. Cook supper. I don't like to cook. But I can cook. And if I’m unemployed it’s only fair and I do it gladly.
10. Enjoy evenings with Trevor: exercise, a little TV or that sort of thing.

Dorky, yes. But it took me four whole years to figure out that this is what it takes for me to be happy working from home. I am a person who depends on structure. I need to have demands placed on me, even if I have to set them myself.

I'm crossing my fingers.

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Blogger bstockton ~ 7:20 AM

Funny thing happened while working at home. Through planning and some luck I have managed to get other people working at home with me. Today there will be three people working at my house. It's weird, but good.  

Blogger Naomi ~ 3:57 PM

11. Learn to knit.  

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