Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pregnancy Update

  • I’m still keeping up with regular CrossFit training, 3x per week. For the first time this week I felt tightness, like I couldn’t quite get enough breath. But I’m still managing to keep up with the reps, just a few modifications. I do planks with arm raises instead of sit-ups. And my pushups are all against a box. I know my heart rate is going over 140 bpm’s, but a fellow CrossFitter’s OB, one of the top in the city I guess, told her it was fine. He said the baby is only in danger if you are yourself in danger of not getting enough oxygen and I don't let it get that far. I know when to rest.
  • As a testament to CF, I’ve only gained about 6-8 lbs so far. My doctor was pleased.
  • That said, it’s all in front. People don't even hide their shock when I tell them I’m only 25 weeks. Either this is one helluva big baby or… I don’t know what. But I gotta say, it's really starting to get in my head.
  • This is not helped by the fact that I’m also experiencing intense lower back and hip pain. My pelvis really wants out of this pregnancy. So do my legs, which feel like they want to separate from my body and run away, especially at night. Exercise and visits to Reflexology and the Chiropractor help, but it really feels like my bones no longer fit under my skin.
  • The baby, well, I can’t you much. It moves, and it creates noticeable waves and jolts to my whole stomach with some of its movements. So it clearly lives and grows. But as that's our only form of communication, I can't tell you much more about... whoever this is.


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Blogger Sleeves ~ 9:31 PM

Three months before I was due, a colleague informed her entire class of 11th graders that I would definitely have an early baby because she was NEVER that big with either of her pregnancies and my baby must be HUGE. That same day, another colleague couldn't believe how "small" I was. People are dumb and should keep their assessments to themselves.

Sorry to hear about your pain-- I know a good prenatal massage therapist if you're interested in adding that to your regiment.  

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