Thursday, March 19, 2009


Tasks I like:
- Washing dishes
- Shoveling snow
- Laundry
- Finding matches for socks
- Getting rid of clutter, sorting
- Wiping dust off of large surfaces, like the TV

Tasks I don't mind:
- General tidying
- Vacuuming
- Cooking
- Making the bed
- Washing the floors
- Packing

Tasks I don't care for:
- Scrubbing the bathtub
- Washing utensils
- Ironing
- Taking out the garbage
- General dusting
- Wiping off a muddy dog
- Trying to fit clothes into already full closets and drawers

Tasks I've considered paying someone else to do:
- Scrubbing the toilet
- Scrubbing behind the toilet
- Cleaning the kitty litter
- Disposing of dead birds / rodents
- Stirring natural peanut butter
- Pulling weeds

I will probably add to this.

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Blogger Marisa ~ 11:31 PM

If only it were easier to just exchange housework chores - I would gladly trade some tasks from the bottom of your list for some of my least-favorite things: anything involving clutter or organization is SO unpleasant for me... but cleaning the toilet? whatevs. At least it's satisfyingly clean when I'm done.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 4:31 PM

At least you don't have to change the cat litter now that you are pregnant. That's a positive.


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