Sunday, March 01, 2009


My sister moved out of our house this weekend. She found a great little one-bedroom right downtown for a reasonable price and they practically rolled out the red carpet for her. This in a city suffering a .05% vacancy rate, proving once again that she has some sort of wicked-ass karma when it comes to both parking spots and apartments.

And as soon as the last of her stuff was out, Trevor and I sat alone in our now empty living room (we left most of our furniture in Toronto six months ago) and I proceeded to freak out. We’ve been here for over half a year and yet only last night did the move really hit us. Is this really our house? What have we done? Can we actually make this happen, financially? I can't tell you why none of this occurred to us until my sister moved out.

This morning, however, we got to work. Started cleaning, organizing, moving things around. I’m now sitting in a kitchen that feels brand new to me because I moved a few appliances around to make it more efficient. I organized the bathroom cupboards: my stuff, Trevor’s stuff, kid stuff. We even discussed in more detail doing some of the easier cosmetic upgrades to the space we most dislike, the living room. Trevor is going to start on the office this week so we can finally unpack our most beloved possessions, our books.

With my sister gone, we suddenly have a blank slate and it's proven motivating. Also scary. But somehow, it also feels a little more like our home today. Perhaps it's the kick in the ass we needed.

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