Friday, March 06, 2009

Grace in Small Things

I am grateful that,

1. I am still employed for one more week.
2. My job, in the meantime, offers benefits and Trevor and I have been checked out head-to-toe.
3. The general diagnosis is that we’re pretty healthy.
4. We’ve been able to catch up on Dexter Season 3 thanks to free introductory cable.
5. We’ve also enjoyed a week of relatively healthful eating.
6. The walk-in doctor decided to be proactive.
7. The nurses at Labour and Delivery were so kind and got my sense of humour.
8. Trevor was there.
9. The OB told me that we’d done the right thing.
10. That my water hasn’t broken and the baby seems fine.*

*Little more info for those who want to know: I went in to the walk-in due to increased cramping and other strange-to-the-Internets kind of things. The GP thought my uterus felt too soft and he got a weird reading on the baby (turns out his Doppler was broken). He sent me over to L&D mostly to be safe. Diagnosis: no evidence of loss of amniotic fluid and early Braxton Hicks (yay!). I'm to monitor it but the very nice OB told me I don't have to change a thing, so I'm hitting Crossfit tomorrow, folks!

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