Friday, February 27, 2009

Grace In Small Things

I am suffering from a case of the stupids today. I mean it: I managed to clog up the printer with documents I didn’t mean to print. It took me ages to sort out and when I did, it turns out I printed the wrong script anyway because the crew wasn’t going to the art store, they were going to the coffee shop. So I printed the coffee shop script, marked it, handed it over and wished them a good shoot… at the art store.

See? Stupid.

It could be the pregnancy. It could also be the fact that this is the second last day of filming on this gig and my brain is already on vacation. It wasn’t the easiest gig, to be honest. I feel drained.

That said, here are just a few things I was grateful for this time ‘round:
  1. That I got to work with a seriously talented crew.
  2. That we got to make television I’m proud of.
  3. That I gained some respect where I think there was doubt.
  4. That I had the opportunity to learn some new lessons, even if it was often the hard way.
  5. That I got to work at the CBC. I’ve wanted to work here since I was a little kid and now I can say I've been privileged to carry a CBC ID card not once, but twice. Not a bad note on which to leave the industry.

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