Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I don’t recall having any exposure to television in high school, aside from watching Beverly Hills 90210 religiously. Oh, I did appear on the Bi-Rite Drugs security cameras. I was the bored looking employee in the blue smock selling smokes I wasn’t old enough to buy (side note: I can still count your change back to you without thinking about it. How come people can’t seem to do this anymore?).

The next television memory I have is at Cable Regina. I was in University, maybe year two. I was working as a part-time customer service agent for the cable company itself when I caught word of an open casting call for reporters for a weekly entertainment show called ‘e-clips’.

I can’t even remember why I decided to try out, but I remember that for once I felt like I was showing some bravery in a life that wasn’t very brave. At the time, I think I was in a relationship that was in its death throws (of course I lived with the guy; my remedy for a bad relationship was to move in together. I would live to repeat this lesson). Auditioning was like making an actual attempt to change my life. I was so excited.

I don’t really remember the audition, but I imagine I was a little rough, having never done anything like it before. That’s also when I met James who was so intimidating to me because he was the Director of the show. Or the Producer. Either way, he made the creative decisions. And for some reason, he brought me on board.

I remember almost nothing about the actual work on the early days of e-clips. I remember it was fun interviewing local bands, hanging out at the bars getting ‘streeters’ and messing around with Laureen and Tina. I sure liked the feeling of all eyes being on me when that sun gun went on. I actually started wearing more makeup and buying clothes.

But more importantly, the show would become my social life for the next five or so years. Those of us from those early days became a close group of friends that have stayed in touch ever since. In fact, at the time I thought e-clips was something I did during University. But looking back, I’m not entirely sure it wasn’t the other way around. University was something I did during e-clips.

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