Monday, January 26, 2009

Shower Gifts # 1

Is it rude to specify shower gifts? At four months? Well, these popped into my head and since I can't say how long thoughts will stick around these days, I better get 'em down. Preggo-brain is real and I am afflicted.


1. Frasier on DVD
2. A six-month membership to
3. A case of Graber olives from California
4. Six months of membership to Crossfit
5. And... it's on the tip of my brain... dammit, it's gone. See?!?
6. Something for the baby.

*Yes, I realize these are awfully big ticket items. Perhaps this list is actually more for Trev, and maybe it's my birthday wish list... and Christmas list...for the next five years.

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Blogger Sleeves ~ 11:45 AM

You will also want lots of muffins (for middle of the night snacking) and frozen meals for all those days when you look at the clock, realize it's 5:00 and are unsure of where the day went.

You two should come over and meet our bundle of bliss sometime soon!  

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