Monday, January 19, 2009

Crossfit Conversations

CF Instructor: How are you feeling? Can I talk to your belly? (leans down to talk to belly).

Working: Actually, it can’t hear you right now.

CF Instructor: Oh. (moves on)

Trev: (laughing) Hon…

Working: What?

Trev: Listen to you!

Working: But it’s true. They don’t typically develop hearing until closer to 20 weeks--

Trev: Yeah, but that’s not the point. She was just being nice. You just had a Bones moment.

Working: I did?

Trev: Yup.

Working: Oh. Whoops.

* * *

CF Instructor: Your husband should have to wear a weight pack in front to see how it feels.

Working: All of the guys should. It could be a new CF Workout of the Day.

CF Head Instructor: How big would it really have to be?

CF Instructor: You saw the size of my kids’ heads!

Working: Yeah (pondering). Trev’s got a big head.

CF Head Instructor: You should be more worried about how you’re going to give birth to those calves. They're like tree trunks!

Working: It’s true. He has massive calves.

CF Head Instructor: You’re going to need a calf puller!

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Blogger Robin ~ 3:34 PM

I love your blog! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the chuckle. Those CF instructors are something else, eh?!  

Blogger Northern Hobbit ~ 7:34 PM

The Calves are genetic. We believe that it comes from our Pictish heritage. Don't worry, just ask S if she noticed the calves at all. You must admit though there is something about a man with big calves?


Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 9:18 PM

Hey, after I saw Trev in shorts playing frisbee in the park one day, I pretty much knew he was the man for me. The calves work.  

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