Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I woke up in pain. Not a migraine, not a neck kink, not a sinus infection, but a vague, hurty combination of all three.

Solution: arthritis pills! A mean combination of muscle relaxants and painkillers.

Problem (realized too late): I have two scripts to write today.

I’m hoping writing this entry will get me started. So far, it took me ten minutes to write this sentence

Let’s see… what’s new….

  • It’s too soon to tell if the all-natural approach to doggy ligament healing is working. She didn’t limp for days and then we returned from a lovely Thanksgiving with the in-laws to find her hobbling around again. Of course there was a big weather change over the weekend and even Dad was limping. Still, I have high hopes for the combinations of tonics and elixirs I’m using on the dog. I’m convinced she won’t need surgery. I should have a full report for you in a few weeks.
  • Dad is limping because he took up running. And dating. Or not dating. He's been very clear that it’s none of our damn business. All this secrecy. It’s really like we have an 18 year-old living in the basement (except he cooks and helps clean, fixes things and walks the dogs and is generally good-natured).
  • My sister, meanwhile, is in the most stressful relationship of her life. The 21 year-old feline Mookie continues to rule the house in a cranky, hissing, toothless, dog-hating, eat-47-times-a-day, geriatric sort of way.
  • Us. Trev and I haven’t really hit our stride in our new life, yet. Things are good, really good. We have a home we like, we’re back with family and friends and we’re both employed. It should all be going like gangbusters by now. But I think it’s just going to take a little longer than we thought to really feel at home. And I gotta remember that’s absolutely okay. Take it slow and frickin’ RELAX already. Finally getting some exercise helps. Actually, the pills kind of help, too….

Okay. Thanks for reading this mess. I’m sort of awake. They’re sure going to get an interesting couple of scripts today.

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Anonymous Dean ~ 11:09 AM

What pills are you taking? I might join your pill popping ways as my back has been really bothering me lately. I have a feeling it's because I need to lose some weight BUT until then I'd love some quick relief!  

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