Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dear Oster

Dear Oster:

I bought an electric kettle at my local Cosco store. I'm not entirely sure which exact model no. it is (they look the same on the website, and I'm not at home so I can't check). It's either 5965-33 or 5964-33.

It started a fire in my kitchen today. I had just poured the last of the water into my cup and placed it back on the base. The power knob was in the 'off' position. A few minutes later, I heard the snapping and found that the base was on fire. I quickly removed the unit from the base, then unplugged the base. This could have been a fairly serious incident, especially had I not been home, as the flames were shooting out towards the paper towel roll, which was against the wall, etc.

The base is melted and the bottom of the kettle, the metal part, is pretty fire damaged. I have called Costco and they will issue me a full refund. I've recommended they pull any of this particular batch of product off their shelves, but luckily, or perhaps very unluckily, they've sold out completely.

I will return the damaged unit and they will fill in an incident report, which I'm assuming you will get. I just wanted you to know immediately that this happened.

Thank you,

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Blogger holymotherofgod ~ 11:15 AM

Ha! I work at Costco! Good for you. And I see you have a tarot card on your blog so perhaps we are likeminded. Good purchase !!!  

Blogger holymotherofgod ~ 11:17 AM

I should also express my concern about your item. You're obviously familiar with our return policy which is good. Sucks that you had such a horrible experience with it, pretty shocking =(  

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