Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Working and Trevor Fill Out a Household Survey

TREVOR: Am I the male head of the household?


TREVOR: For this survey.

WORKING: I don’t understand the question.

TREVOR: It asks, ‘Are you the: 1. Male head of the household. 2. Female head of the household. 3. Shared head of the household, or 4. Other member of the household?’

WORKING: It seriously asks that?

TREVOR: I’m putting “shared head of the household.” Right?

WORKING: Uh, yeah. I would have put down “Female head of the household”—

TREVOR: You would put down “Female head of the household” when I just put “Shared”?!

WORKING: Let me finish! IF you had put “Male head of the household,” I would have put “Female head of the household.” But you put “Shared,” so I will also put “Shared.”

TREVOR: Riiiiight. You think you’re the only head.

WORKING: No! You are the male head of the household and I am the female head of the household.

TREVOR: So you’re the head of the females and I’m the head of the males?

WORKING: Uh, sure. So… “Shared,” I guess. Man, that’s a weird question.

TREVOR: “Marital Status.” I’m putting “single.”

WORKING: Oh come on! I wasn’t questioning your maleness.

TREVOR: No. But you are questioning my head…ness.

WORKING: Let me see that.

TREVOR: No! You can’t copy me!

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Anonymous James ~ 5:32 PM

I heard an author on the radio a while back who talked about the regression into more conservative values in the States since the early nineties. They says polls show that more and more people there consider the male the head of the household than they did in the seventies and eighties.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 6:52 PM

Sigh. That's really depressing.  

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