Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tarot Moment: Seven of Pentacles Reversed

It was one of the most powerful moments I’ve seen in the Olympics so far. Canadian veteran fencer, Sherraine Schalm, was set to fight Hungary's Ildiko Mincza-Nebald. She’d lost her first match in Athens and after four years of hard training, she seemed excited, almost hyper-active, determined to kick some ass in Bejing. She lost her first match in nine minutes.

The camera caught her as she was leaving. She said she didn’t understand what happened, or why it happened again. She said she was sorry to her coach, to her family, to the Canadian people. What caught me was that she wasn’t just disappointed, she was angry. Her disgust with herself was palpable. Her fury pure and raw, her words uncensored for camera.

This is a Tarot moment, I'm just not sure which one. Think about it; you've made mistakes. You've done everything you're supposed to do to learn from them. You've made it to the top once more, only to fall again, hard. Seems to me it belongs to the sevens, that part of the path that comes after the summit victory of the sixes. Tired, defeated, so much of the journey left to do.

After researching the sevens, I was surprised to come across this description of the Seven of Pentacles (Reversed) in Zach Wong’s Revelations Tarot Companion:
All your efforts seem to be in vain, which feeds your frustration. Patience is tossed out the window and anger resounds in your paced steps. Tension and anxiety, which have been felt every step of the way, have compounded into a terrible knot in your stomach. The only release seems to be to vent. (Source, pg. 116)
I did not know this level of darkness could exist in Pentacles. I guessed Wands for sure, but the Seven of Wands was more about inner strength in the face of challenge. So, is this a Seven of Pentacles (Reversed) moment?

Or, do you think there is there another card that describes it even better? Let me know.

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