Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Meat Sacks

It’s been raining so much that we had to move our bed up from the basement bedroom. There is actually a black coloured mold forming on the basement walls. Gosh, I can’t wait to move. Bye-bye, all the rentals of my life! Hope I never have to see you again.

Anyway, I like to stay up late to watch the Olympics, but it means I have to watch it in the dark, on mute, with the closed captioning on and I can’t cheer ‘cuz Trev’s sleeping right there. Only he has a cold so he was snoring last night and I got to turn up the volume a little for the Men’s 100 meter heats.

Man, those beautiful, hard, muscular bodies. Between the sprinters and the swimmers, it’s enough to make one think about getting off of the couch. Almost. But one feature they have in the coverage this year is the close-up super slo-mo shot. And no matter how hard bodied you are, the close-up super slo-mo shot shows your skin all loose and flappy, lips and cheeks and thighs sloshing liquidly over your skeleton. We really are just a bunch of meat sacks. Beautiful running, swimming, couch-sitting meat sacks.

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Anonymous James ~ 10:17 AM

Those super slow-mo shots are cool! What a world we live in when video can do that!  

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