Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I haven’t been posting, and I’m unlikely to post much, because we’re being treated to a stiff dose of chaos. After four years in Toronto together (Trev’s been here for seven), we’re packing up and moving back to Saskatchewan. Last weekend the landlord showed the place, which is always a huge disruption. I don’t know why he’s showing it. We’re not moving out until the 15th of next month. If he'd just wait, he'd be able to show a sparkling clean, empty place for the first of October. I dunno. Addicted to the rent, man.

Also, I can’t believe he’s advertising it as a two bedroom again. It means a lot of hopeful-faced couples tramp up the sinking and crooked front steps only to find what is obviously a one-bedroom. Worse, it's only a one-bedroom if you don’t care to have a dining room. Or a living room.

Oh yeah, and Landlord? You can’t call the basement room a bedroom if it's not even finished. When I saw that young family with the baby coming to look at the place, I made doubly sure the mold on the walls was clearly visible. You're welcome.

Our landlord isn’t a mean guy and I don’t even think he’s that greedy. But he is utterly clueless. Trevor compares him to Elmer Fudd. His response to the mold situation was to apply a thin bead of caulk around the exterior of the house. To quote the irate neighbour, “that is one half-assed job” (picture this being muttered by an older, gentlemanly East Indian man).

But never mind all that. We’re moving. We’re packing up seven or so years worth of crap, including the controversial stack of unread magazines that Trevor wants to hang onto for whatever reason, loading it into a rented truck and driving back to Saskatchewan.

Only I don’t have to do any of that because I’m actually driving the car back by myself two weeks earlier. I got a job offer and I have to be there for September 2nd. So it’s up to Trevor and our friend Garry to do all the heavy lifting (this is particularly ideal for Trevor because he can pack whatever the hell he wants and I can't say a word about it).

Oh, and I’m not exactly traveling solo. I’ll be taking the animals with me. A cat and a dog in a small car for three straight days. Wish me luck.

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Blogger bstockton ~ 8:38 AM

Hey, I did that once with a cat. He's very nervous so we couldn't put him in a pet carrier. He roamed free in the car and I lived in fear of him escaping in a place like Dryden, Ontario, because then I would have had to live there until I found him. Imagine the shame of living in a place with such a small roadside moose attraction.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 8:42 AM

How did you handle the litter situation? Did your cat even use the litter enroute? Did you go the Canada way or the US way? And did you stay in pet friendly hotels?

Any tips are MUCH appreciated.  

Blogger savia ~ 9:07 AM

Luck! And welcome back to Saskatchewan!  

Blogger James ~ 9:28 AM

I don't see how you can drive three days with a cat without sedating them. Our cat puts all her claws in your face as soon as you start a vehicle with her in it.

I say have a carrier as a safe place to go with newspaper lining it.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 9:38 AM

Thanks, Savia!

James and Bstockton: Already practicing with the carrier. It's been awhile and he thinks it means we're going to the vet.

That said, I'm counting on Kiwi being his usual chilled-out cat self when it comes to the car. He used to jump into it like a dog, wanting to come with us. The dog actually makes him feel better, too.

I plan to get him stoned on cat nip, too. He usually gets the munchies, stuffs his face and falls asleep...  

Blogger bstockton ~ 1:53 PM

I kept the litter in the back seat on the floor, but I don't think he ever used it during the driving. I brought it into the motel at night. After a tense first hour he got used to it. He never liked it, but he tolerated it.

There is also some danger of them crawling into the engine compartment where the pedals are. Check that out.

I went the Canadian route so I wouldn't have to worry about taking a pet over the border. With Rufous the dog we needed his medical records and proof he had his rabies shot. Not sure about cats but I didn't want the hassle at the time.

It's too bad because the Canadian route is a tough drive. Most of Ontario is 90km/h wasteland with very little civilization and usually no shoulder on the highway. It's brutal. I have David Sedaris audio books if you want to borrow them.  

Blogger bstockton ~ 1:56 PM

re: motels, I never mentioned the cat because I'm a bad person. It's probably okay with most of them, they might charge a per fee though.  

Blogger bstockton ~ 1:57 PM

PET fee  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 2:12 PM

Got tons of Audible ready to go. Little worried about the Canadian route, now. I might change my mind and go via the States.

I did already book the hotels. Tons of pet-friendly hotels in the Soo, Thunder Bay and Winnipeg. I have to pay a small fee for each, but I just can't see myself sneaking a 70 lb dog past the front desk.  

Blogger bstockton ~ 2:53 PM

The asphalt is quite good, but it's surprising how the number 1 highway can be so narrow and winding through what is Canada's most populous province. It takes forever to get through Ontario.

The US route is a much easier drive.  

Anonymous Corey ~ 5:15 PM

Now I feel I am the last of the Regina bunch in Toronto.

When I drove out here I took the Canada route, stayed in motels so I could easily sneak our cat and turtle in at night. We had the litter box on the floor board of the back seat, but it never got used. We would pull over at secluded places and set the litter box on the ground for the cat.

Our cat enjoys car rides so we let him crawl around at will. He mostly sat on top of all the boxes in the back seat. The turtle did not complain much either.

We took our time driving out, over 3 days. Didn't like the narrow #11 highway but it is what it is.

Good luck. Say Hi to Saskatchewan for me.  

Blogger notquiteawake ~ 1:46 PM

I can't wait until you get here!!  

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