Wednesday, August 06, 2008

10X365 Ian R., DOP

You were the first camera guy I ever went on the road with. Six European countries in six weeks. You were quiet and shy, determined to do good work. Unfortunately you suffered a major case of insomnia and jet lag. It got so bad that at one point I thought you might actually lose it completely. For a week straight I had my finger poised over ‘dial’, ready to tell the Producer to call it off.

But somehow we persevered. Memories of you include the ever-present Tilley hat and stories about your family, which got us through hours and hours of being completely and utterly lost in six countries. I will never forget that cold, rainy day when you almost got smoked off by a nearly silent high-speed train. As you slid down the Italian mountainside, you yelled at me to save the camera. We limped back to the village, bleeding and swearing and giggling, our professionalism having finally given way to exhaustion and madness. 

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