Friday, July 11, 2008

TV Talk

WORKING: So, media are not big fans of Flashpoint.

TREVOR: Surprise surprise.

WORKING: Funny how much you can tell from a simple one-sheet work up: "Oh yeah, this is going to suck."

TREVOR: It's just this never-ending need of Toronto filmmakers to create these high adrenalin concepts. We just don't do that stuff well.

WORKING: Man-o-man, the parallels you can draw in Canadian reality tv.... Let’s face it. We suck at action-drama. Maybe it’s cuz we’re not a dramatic people. Or particularly active, heh.

TREVOR: Well, we just don't have that aggressive high-octane vibe. Americans have it in spades. And when even when it's kinda fake, you still accept it

WORKING: We can be irreverent and funny. We can take the piss outta each other. We GET sarcasm and irony. Maybe that's why it never works when we try to be all serious and action-packed. You can practically see the writers and half the cast and crew rolling their eyes.

TREVOR: It is possible to do a gripping police drama in Canada. Absolutely. We just have to throw away the U.S. templates. That's why we fall short. Everyone has stories and they can all be dramatic.

WORKING: Right. It would be a different kind of police drama. It'd be dry, humourous and dramatic in its sadness, death, loss and disappointment. All that meets bare-bones funding and NO guns-blazing shoot-outs!

TREVOR: Exactly. You may have the tough guy cops who say movie type lines, but then it would cut to the true blue cops rolling their eyes.

WORKING: Like House, character-wise, but without all the fancy equipment. Long wait times would be part of the joke.

TREVOR: I hate how hospitals and labs look like ad agencies. THAT is why I don't like Bones

WORKING: Well, thanks to TV, we picture the FBI, CSI and CIA all kitted out with futuristic, high tech crime solving gear. But 1. that's a myth and 2. it's not our myth. So we can't tell the story as well.

TREVOR: Exactly. We can't base our myths on someone else's myths. It becomes a copy of a copy and by the very nature of that, the quality degrades. Or feels satirical.

TREVOR: or somethin'

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Anonymous James ~ 10:13 AM

Why don't you just post a live audio stream of you and Trevor talking?

Put a commercial in every now and again to pay for it.

"Trev, it's 10 o'clock."

"Uh, yeah right. Hi, my name is Trevor, I enjoy Gillette razor blades because they get my pubic region--uh, face, baby-smooth."

Sorry, I'm really not awake yet.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 10:31 AM

Well, technically that's what I'm doing. This is just lifted from one of our online chats. It's not like I sit here and transcribe while he's talking. Well, not all the time.  

Anonymous James ~ 11:44 AM

LOL. I thought you had an amazing memory and all you're doing is cuttin' and pastin'?  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 11:47 AM

Hell yeah! I'd be here all day, otherwise!  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 11:51 AM

(which I kind of am, anyway, but at least cut 'n paste frees up my time to surf elsewhere)  

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